Before 2003


Ø INCO-DC "DELTAS" / Managing water sources, developing land and diversifying economies in deltas of South East Asia

Lesson drawing/research
: 1998 – 2000
Nation: Việt Nam; Thailand
Partners: Catholic university of Louvain la Neuve (Belgium); IRD; Mainz university (Germany), Vietnam agriculture science institute; Cần Thơ university (Việt Nam); Kasetsart university (Thailand);
Donor: EU, DG XII
Description of project: SEA deltas are areas where rice production is still in diversification process under impact of urban areas. For delta areas of Chao Praya river, Red river and Mekong river, this research aims to study more about institutional and economical dynamics, to orientate policies of planning and management of water. Three topics studied are: institutional changes in water management, operations of irrigation system and economic diversification processes.


Ø Feasibility study for project of planning small and medium irrigation works and roads in Ninh Thuận province

Feasibility study
: 2002 – 2003
Nation: Việt Nam
Partners: BRL, INSA-DSA; VASI; Ninh Thuan people's committee
Donor: AFD (French agency for development)
Section: EDR
Description of project: To build irrigation works and small and medium roads in Ninh Thuận province needs a feasibility study of technical and economic aspects. The construction of dams on hills and 6 dams for developing spare water sources for agriculture and attempting to increase farming area to 3.376 ha (2 water reservoirs of medium size and 4 reservoirs of small size with total water reserve of 42 million m3). The construction or expansion of 57 km of rural roads is to improve transportation and commercialization conditions. To do this study, Gret and partners decide to cooperate as a group in which GRET is the leader. Two review visits in 2003 completed the study.


2003 - 2007


Ø CPRGS / Project of support and implementation of development and poverty alleviation strategies

Duration: 12 months (from 8 / 2004 to 7 /2005)
Budget: 80 000 Euros
Gret's French expart: 1 technical assistant (working part time)
Gret's local staff: 1 person
Intervention area: Bắc Kạn province
Partner: Bac Kan province's department of planning and investment
Donor: French embassy to Vietnam within framework of supporting the implementation of Poverty reduction and grow
Objectives: assisting department of planning and investment and technical bureaus of Bắc Kạn province to combine recommendations of national strategies for the purpose of poverty reduction and growth (CPRGS: ‘‘Country Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy’’) and more general, helping provincial authority renovate their planning process.


Ø INCO-RURBASIE / Research of agricultural moves in areas impacted by urbanization in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia)

Duration: 4 years (from 10/2002 to 4/2007)
Budget: 970 000 Euro
Intervention area: Hai Duong and Vinh Phúc provinces
International partners: INRA, UCL, FADO, CEDAC
Vietnamese partners: VASI
Donor: European commission
Objectives: analyze impact of urban economic growth on agriculture (land market, production systems and organization of value chains) of secondary cities such as Vĩnh Phúc and Hải Dương.


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