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Project summary

Intervention area: Thanh Hoa province (5 districts in the West close to Lao PDR)
Duration: Phase 1: 20 months (01/2005 – 08/2006), completed.
Phase 2: 36 months - 09/2007 – 12/2010
Budget: Phase 1: 315.000 USD (267.660 $ for the Component 1 – 47.340 $ for the Component 2 - IDE)
Budget for the current transition period: 09/2006 - 03/2007; 90.500 USD funded by Oxfam Hongkong
Donors and Partners: IFC-MPDF, Oxfam Hong Kong, ADB, IKEA, TBF, People's Committee at all level
Implementer: Gret
Project title: Luong Value Chain Development in Thanh Hoa (LDP Thanh Hoa)

Improve income for local families living in five mountainous districts in the Western region of Thanh Hoa province via enhancing the position and voice of producers in the value chain and develop the bamboo sub-sector in a sustainable way while protecting the natural environment.


Organize and develop the bamboo sub-sector comprehensively by helping the locals grow, plan and process bamboo-based products onsite and at the same time build up an intervention approach which can be duplicated and embedded social and environmental responsibility.



1. Provide technical support and financial aid to growers to plant luong on new fields, or on seriously degraded soil due to cultivating sugarcane and cassava for a long time, and at the same time, hold technical trainings for locals and apply bamboo luong growing agreements, etc.

2. Make use of experience achieved over years and outputs of successful trials on new farming practices and set out specific criteria applicable to the local conditions by trials carried out in farmer community and help farmers to set up seedling nurseries.

3. Enhance institutional capacity for different actors, partners, expertise agencies and producers and execute business contracts in order to make sure that the growers are able to enjoy the highest value added and transparency. Support setting up small processing workshops as agreed with TBF factory.

4. Ensure the sustainability of intervention by considering environmental impacts and pursue forest certification criteria by a strict monitoring and management system.

Ø ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE (as of 31st of October, 2005)


The first phase is intended to last for 18 months and finish in August 2006. To date, there have been a number of achievement on different fields as follows.


New bamboo luong plantation and seedling nursery operation


12 nurseries set up by farmers have provided 20 000 seedlings planted on an area of 80 ha

These seedlings are propagated by cutting braches, which allow high survival rate

3 seasons per communes, in a total of 10 communes involved

533 ha of new planted bamboo by 490 households, of which 81% is ethnic minorities (Muong and Thai)




1.080 participants received trainings (with a total of 42 training sessions)

Technical trainings provided to growers during 3 seasons

Technical trainings on bamboo care, protection and management (both theory and practice)

Capacity improvement of members and collaborators working in local areas: ToT, organizational and management skills


Trial and demonstration


16 trial forests: fertilizer application, bamboo culm density, etc

10 trial forests: rehabilitation, management system, etc

30 trial forests: intercropping to prevent soil erosion and create extra income

350 km of contour fence made of Tephrosia candida

Trials on paddy terraced fields or half terracing


Support to farmer organizations and socio-economic surveys


Baseline surveys: 60 households in 10 communes and report outputs and information collection

Get involved in the survey implemented by Oxfam-Hongkong in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An province

125 households involved in the survey carried out in 2006 during the time before and after planting bamboo

Support 4 groups of growers in the Northwest (with large farming plots) process bamboo-based products

Support 4 groups of growers in the Southwest (with small farming plots) protect, harvest and collect bamboo culms

All team leaders are trained about management skill



Support to build preprocessing workshops onsite

These activities are done in Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa districts (located in Luong river valley, this river follows towards Lao PDR and through Ma river valley along to the road to Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province), in the starting time, there is support of TBF factory in Khe Ha - Thanh Hoa.


The set up of 3 pre-processing workshops was supported during March to July 2006

Workshops of farmer groups or cooperatives includingfrom 6 to 12 people

Each workshop provides jobs to 40-50 local peoples

2 products: chopsticks - flooring slats for TBF factory and supply by-products to paper pulp factories in the local area

Negotiating with factories on business contracts, price, quality, etc


Key advantages held by local preprocessing workshops

Benefits these workshops provide to the local farmers and people :

*  Stable price of luong culms

*  An stable and average bamboo price increase of 20%

*  Less pressure from traders on price

*  Maximize the value of luong culms (type A and B)

*  Create new jobs for ethnic minorities

Benefits other actors involved in the value chain can enjoy :

* Stable input raw material source

*  Reduce by 50% of transport costs

*  Cut down input costs and management/TBF cost

*  New input mechanism of the value chain

*  Easier product origin tracking and certification


Assessable economic impacts of LDP project to relevant actors


Extra income/year

Luong growers in the South

100.000 USD (since 2010)

Farmers who sell luong to workshops (Northwest)

52.000 USD

Collectors in the region

19.000 USD

Salary for workers in workshops

53.000 USD

Workshop owners

20.000 USD


244.000 USD


On going activities (in the transition phase upto March 2007)

Farming activities in the Southwest :

* Improve techniques - working approaches of LDP staffs

*  Hold trainings and share technical knowledge with farmers

*  Summarize outputs and lessons leant by designing technical leaflets

Support to developing preprocessing workshops :

*  Enhance and support workshop management

*  Set up a large-scale workshop

*  Conduct trials on new techniques to promote value added for bamboo waste (bamboo charcoal)



Ø For further informations, please contact with


Project Manager

Appt 307, 298 Kim Ma, Hanoi
Tel: +(84-4) 846 45 15
Fax: +(84-4) 846 45 14

LDP head office in Thanh Hoa province
Tho Phu, Kien Tho, Ngoc Lac, Thanh Hoa
Tel : 037 574404
Coordinator : Chu Van Sau
Email : ou





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