Phu Tho is a mountainous province located in the Northern midland region close to the North-east, Red river basin and North-West. It is one of the six provinces of the North where the DIALOGS activities are implemented. The DIALOGS project follows themes previous projects have worked and will be implemented with the two local partners (Agriculture Division of Thanh Ba district and Agriculture Extension Station of Ha Hoa district) since March 2003 in Thanh Ba and Ha Hoa districts.


There are 20 communes of Thanh Ba and Ha Hoa districts which are intervened by the project with following activities:
   - Producing high quality rice seeds on site
   - Producing and selling tea
   - Improving & applying sustainable farming practices on sloping land
   - Husbandry
   - Aquaculture



Producing rice seeds

  • Improve technical knowledge and capacity: farmers involved in producing rice seeds will be able to select indigenous rice seeds suitable to natural and farming conditions onsite. This also requires careful seed management on the farm.

  • Manage farmer groups/seed producers effectively: clear strategies and plans; good quality monitoring and management; market network over the district; and input provision networks. In order to achieve this, it is required to link groups together effectively, enforce communication among groups within the district or inter-districts.

  • Set up a network providing institutional services: farmer groups are responsible for providing consulting service in plant protection (rice) with support of local authorities. These groups are assisted to carry out this service and take part in trainings on plant protection topic.

  • Create a favorable policy corridor for rice seed production in local areas: It is expected to establish a technical support department (Agriculture Division, Agriculture Station, Plant protection station, etc.) and policy frame.

Husbandry (Ha Hoa)

The top priority is given to improve the quality of pig breeds raised by small raise groups.  



Briefly, there are two key intervention themes :

Technical assistance
: Support veterinarians training pig raisers about technical skills they are interested in, and coordinate with Veterinary Division and Station of the district to provide trainings on TOT and disease treatment methods to local veterinary staffs. This training program is expected to be carried out within one year.


Organizing raiser groups: In order to receive in-depth techniques of raising pigs, raisers intend to gather into small groups. Thus, the project will support them in terms of organization, making plans, production and marketing products especially create a close link between those who raise pigs for meat and sows. Once groups come into sustainable operation, it is expected to set up networks linking groups to provide higher quality husbandry services and together enjoy benefits rising from technical trainings.


The most concern is paid to technical assistance and disease prevention for fish for high quality breeders.

  • Fish disease prevention: set up a network of aquaculture technicians. These technicians are provided with basic technical knowledge and teaching skills for coaching other farmers.

  • Fish breeder production and provision: help fish raisers during raising and providing time, and create close links among fish and breeder raisers; support raisers in terms of organization and cooperation between these two groups.

Farming on sloping land

Main objectives

  • Improve exhausted soil, prevent soil erosion and increase fertility,

  • Take most advantages of land use and create extra income for farmers

    The project offers support to groups of farmers with assistance of local partners with recognized competences to manage project activities effectively instead of individuals. Currently, a number of farmers support together to improve the value of sloping land areas and are implementing seven sloping land improvement models and there will be one or two models to be chosen to duplicate in other areas where applicable.


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