Project title: Nutrisco- Reducing malnutrition among school children in disadvantaged districts

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•  Improve the nutrition status for 2000 school children at the age ranging from 6 to 11 years old in vulnerable poor mountainous districts in (especially those who are ethnic minorities).

•  Contribute to reduction of illiterate cases and bad study performance.

•  Enhance capacity for local partners at district level (Division of Education and Training and Centre for Health Care) by equipping facilities and equipments suitable to socio-economic and geography conditions of the intervention areas (flat, mountainous and midland regions) to get involved in malnutrition combats for school children.

•  Standardize an intervention model clarifying economic efficiency to be adopted in disadvantaged transport and poor areas highly vulnerable to malnutrition.


- Provide trainings on hygiene and nutrition to teachers who will be responsible for teaching their pupils (with a total of 2000 people).

- Adjust nutrition education methodology of Fasevie to be better matched to new intervention approaches (update new teaching tools and equipments) and deliver tools and reviewed documents to pupils

- Produce and deliver nutrient fortified biscuits to schools (in cooperation with HaiHa Company).

- Distribute and supply biscuits to 6 involved schools of the project.


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- Examine nutrition status of 600 primary school children, 200 pupils in intervention areas will be involved in the survey:

+ Evaluate anthropometry indicators of malnutrition and hemoglobin content

+ Socio-economic status (integrated with daily activities)

+ Collect practical indicators on field to used for nutrition status assessment (geographical context)

Budget: 80.045 Euro, funded by Sight & Light.


- Research Institute for Development

- National Institute for Nutrition

- Provincial People’s Committee, Department of Education & Training of Quang Nam province, Department of Health of Quang Nam

Jointly implemented by: Hai Ha joint stock Company


En France  : Olivier Bruyeron - Gret, Tel : 01 70 91 92 49, fax : 01 70 91 92 01, email :  ;

Viet Nam : Nguyễn Hữu Ninh, Claire Khoury – Gret, Tel : 04 972 14 78, fax : 04 972 14 79, email :


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