Launched in December 2008, ComVaW project, which was co-financed by European Commission and International Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), is expected to be implemented within 24 months and institutionally linked to the Women’s Union of Hoa Binh province. The overall objective of the project is to promote the capacities of local partners, who will assist, directly and indirectly, in the reduction and prevention of violence against women, especially amongst the province’s 70% ethnic minority population. To achieve this objective, economic and social impacts should be done through implementing project activities including trainings, information dissemination and lobbying in order to influence local relevant authorities, politicians and decision-makers to respect, protect and promote women’s essential rights so as to foster a more responsible, just and considerate society.

The project is implemented by GRET – Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Techonologiques, created in France in 1976, GRET is a professional solidarity and international cooperation association. Currently GRERT is present in over 40 countries in the world to contribute to sustainable and fair socio-economic development and poverty alleviation and structural equalities with partnership-based approaches and action researches. At the same time, GRET embeds local activities into monitoring and evaluation system aiming at developing public policies and information dissemination/publication.



24 months (12/2008 - 6/2011)


300 000 €


European Commission and Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Overall objective

Overall objective :
Promote women’s equality and empowerment and to combat gender-based violence.
Specific objective
Strengthen capacity within the WU and improve its capacities in awareness raising and prevention of family-based violence.

Targeted groups

* 28 Women’s Union officers working at provincial level;
* 200 Women’s Union officers working at the district level (in the three pilot districts) and its many sub-divisions (happy family clubs, father and son clubs, mother and daughter clubs, etc.)
* A number of newspaper and radio journalists
* Local authority officials and members of national institutions and technical services involved in the action

Final beneficiaries

All of people engaged with the project, 830 000 people, of which there are especially 418 000 women, with 70 % of ethnic people.

Intervention area

Hoa Binh province
Districts: Hoa Binh, Ky Son and Cao Phong

Expected outputs

* Women’s Union is more operational at all levels, better organized internally and the capacities of 228 WU officers have been strengthened.
* R2 Women’s Union is actively engaged in the prevention of family-based violence and has developed a long-term strategy and expertise
* R3 24 journalists of the local press/radio have been trained in how to cover the issue of family-based violence and regularly report on this topic
* A study collecting and analysing data on the occurrence of family-based violence has been carried out in the province and a detection and monitoring system for the evaluation of improvements been put in place
* The Women’s Union is capable of identifying the problems and elaborating an action plan
* The province’s entire population’s awareness of the extent and injustice of family-based violence has been raised


* Raising awareness and building capacity for trainers of Training Unit established by WU. Design 2 participatory training modules (protecting women rights and presenting relevant legal regulations and designing participatory approaches).
* Working towards the formation of a Thank Tank on prevention of family based violence, led by WU and open to all interested parties, including men.
* Conducting the research study on family-based violence, and launching monitoring and evaluation systems in 3 pilot districts.
* Setting up “Gender equality clubs” in the 3 pilot districts.
* Providing trainings for officers of WU/province on preparation and building up programs.
* Providing trainings on handling information on family-based violence issues for some journalists and 5 officers of WU, who are responsible for communication activities.
* Establishing a “Communication Unit” within the WU and then providing trainings on lobby and communication skills, and designing communication tools for officers of this Unit.
* Designing communication tools and channels: TV programs, radios, leaflets, posters, technical manual, etc.
* Sharing experience and lessons learnt from the project: preparing documents and new communication tools, organizing seminars at provincial and district level.










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