Ø LDP - Green Bamboo Project

Duration: 3 years (2011 - 2013)
Budget: 825 474 Euro
Intervention area: Thanh Hoa province
Partners: Luong Enterprise Association in Quan Hoa
Cooperative for Rural Development in Thanh Hoa - Quan Hoa (CRD, local NGO/service cooperative)
Thanh Hoa People's Committee and other relevant sectors
Donors: AFD (50% of the budget), Find (Gret)
Objectives : Promoting socio-economic development of the region and contributing to Climate Change mitigation thanks to proper and sustainable Luong management scheme as well as economic environmental promotion of Luong plantations.


Ø LDP - Green Bamboo / Bamboo Luong development Project

Duration: Phase 1: 20 months (from 2/2005 to 8/2006), completed.
                Phase 2 : 36 months (from 9/2007 to 12/2010
Budget: 700 000 euros
Gret's local staff: 3 officiers + 2 local NGOs receiving pension
Intervention area: 3 districts of Thanh Hoa province
Partners:  CRD, ArecA, Hadeva, Corudes, Song Hong centre ; IDE
Donors:  IFC, ADB, TBF
Objectives: facilitating the organization of small Luong produceurs of Thanh Hoa to effectively meet increasing demand of Luong products, partially fulfilling requirements of traceability of Western markets for wooden products in order to improve their living standards.



Duration: 3 years (2011 - 2013)
Budget: 636 692.80 Euro
Intervention area: 4 provinces (Phú Thọ, Vĩnh Phúc, Hưng Yên, Thanh Hóa)
Partners: 4 locals NGOs (Hadeva, Trung tâm Sông Hồng, Areca, CRD)
Donors: European Commission (75% of the budget)
Objectives : to foster and strengthen civil society, creating intermediate-level social actors with the organisational wherewithal, competence and knowledge that they need to participate at local level in mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development actions in the face of climate change.




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