Children malnutrition is a big issue in poor provinces of Vietnam, in which the lack of good weaning food with reasonable price is one of the causes. In 1994, GRET and Institute of development research (IRD) and Institute of national nutrition (INN) implemented FASEVIE program to improve nutrition status for schoolchildren. The program combines the establishment of production chains and commercialization of high quality nutritional powder at low price and nutrition education. The program is carried out on the basis of cooperative relations with local health and nutrition, education practitioners. FASEVIE program has 3 main objectives:
1. Providing powders for children with high nutrition quality and low price
2. Education for mothers (especially encouraging them to totally breast-feed their babies in the first 6 months).
3. Contributing to determination of effective tools for national program of minimizing children malnutrition.

In the first place, the program has worked with local food processing companies. In that way, they contributed to nation’s economic growth. One trial stage lasted 3 years (1997-1999) allowed the definition of 3 factories which are capable of producing these kinds of powder and then commercialize the first products (instant powder with sugar). A nutrition education program for mothers having children under 24 months and pregnant women with the help of Women union and health agencies was also done.

Afterwards, a strengthening stage (2000 – 2003) allowed the expansion of intervention area of nutrition education strategies (7 districts) as well as creating long term market for through commercial promotion and organization of marketing activities for products and diversification of product types (instant powder, supplemental food). Besides, the transfer of survey results to Vietnamese agencies to disseminate methods at national level was also started.

The project is now implementing the extension and autonomy process (2004-2007).




National institue of nutrition

48 48 B Tang Bat Ho, Ha noi, Vietnam


Olivier Renard - National coordinator of Fasevie

Mobile: (+84) 0905 64 46 15; Email:

Jacques Berger - Research Director , IRD

Country representative of IRD in Vietnam

Phone: (+84-4) 3 972 22 90 / 3 972 06 29; Fax: (+84-4) 3 972 06 30

Email: /




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