General Information

Project title:                 Support Young NGO network to Empower Rural Groups to Integrate                                       Environment in Society – SYNERGIES project


Duration:                      3 years (2011 – 2013)


Budget:                         636,692.80 EUR


Main donor:                  European Commission (75% of the budget)


Intervention area:        4 provinces: Phú Thọ, Vĩnh Phúc, Hưng Yên, Thanh Hóa


Project Partners:          4 local NGOs: Hadeva, Trung tâm Sông Hồng, CRD, Areca


Target groups:              3 main groups:
                                       First target group 4 local NGOs - 2 consultancy/support cooperatives                                       (Hadeva, CRD), 1 consultancy/support centre (Song Hong) and 1                                                       environmental consultancy/support company (Areca);

                                      Second target group: local authorities at the different levels; mass                                       associations, cooperatives…

                                      Final beneficiaries: village communities, comprising hundreds of thousands                                       of rural and farming families (roughly 3 million inhabitants)

Objectives:                   Overall objective: to foster and strengthen civil society, creating                                       intermediate-level social actors with the organisational wherewithal,                                       competence and knowledge that they need to participate at local level in                                       mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development actions in the face of                                       climate change.

                                      Specific objective: To strengthen the capacities of a network of five local                                       NGOs, especially in the areas of environment and climate change, with                                       practical measures on the ground, awareness raising and support actions for                                       local stakeholders, whilst also fostering integration with national networks.

Estimated results:        EO 1. The 4 NGOs and the network will be able to:                                                                          i) organise their actions efficiently,                                                                                                      ii) manage and develop their human resources, in order to,                                                                 iii) build awareness, give advice and support local stakeholders in the areas of                                        environment and climate change.

                                       EO 2. The 4 NGOs and the network will contribute actively to environmental                                        development and policy in the countryside, by improving awareness among                                        the population, lobbying local authorities, and providing services and support                                        to the related organisations and local stakeholders concerned.

                                       EO 3. An effective NERAD network, engaged and working closely with one or                                         more networks at national level to:                                                                                                i) obtain support or guidance,                                                                                                           ii) bring problems and results to wider attention and exchange information,                                          iii) engage in dialogue with the authorities.

Main activities:               3 components:

                                       Component 1. Capacity building for the NERAD network, the 4 NGOs and                                               their members (“capacity building” component)

                                       Component 2. Linkage with local stakeholders and support for                                                               environmental development and policy (”environmental development”                                               component)

                                       Component 3. Support for the linking up of the NERAD network and liaison                                           at national level (“networks” component)



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