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Technical leaflets
Technical leaflets are documents summarizing activities and achievemetns of Dialogs project for local actors (specialized agencies, local partners, Local NGO, other projects, etc.). The technical lealflet set includes “service” and “Methodology” leaflets. The series of “Service leafles” were designed aiming at drawing a overall view on services provided and delivered to beneficiaries while the collection of “Methodology leaflets” presents brieftly methodologies tested jointly by the partners and project team under the project’s framework. The following is the list of leaflets:

"Service" leaflets

Husbandry - Veterinary

1. Organize local veterinary agencies into a network/association in order to improve veterinary services onsite – Bac Kan province

2. Cooperative for pig raising, setting an effective value chain – Hai Duong province


3. 3. Link local veterinary agenicies into a network to improve disease prevention services – Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho province

4. 4. Develop local services including developing farrow – Phu Tho province




Rice seed

5. Develop rice production and rice seed provision in Vinh Phuc, Phu tho and Bac Ninh.

6. Guide farmers to establish a rice seed production team aiming at rice seed supply improvement onsite – Hai Duong province




7. Develop baby fish production – Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc province

8. Provide consultancy service in fish care and medicine – Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc



Insurance – Husbandry consultancy

9. Build up a network providing consultancy in pig raising insurance – Vinh phuc province



List of “Methodology leaflets”


1. Duplication activities of Cooperative for pig raising in Bac Ninh Province

2. Strengthen skills for actors in milk value chain in Bac Ninh province

3. Support improving slopping land quality in Phu Tho province

4. Support planning economic development in villages of Bac Kan




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